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Rules & Regulations

Unfortunately we live in a age where we as an establishment are obliged to remind men how to be Gentlemen. Please find below the condtions we have for all customers who wish to join us at our establishments.

1. Membership: Access to the club lounge is typically restricted to members only. Guests may be allowed for a 15€ entrance fee, or accompanied by a member.


2. Dress Code:  Open shoes, golf shoes, Tank tops, constuction attire are not permitted in the lounge. Burmuda's and Short are not accepted into the lounge past 5pm. Collared shirts are preferred.


3. Behavior: Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner at all times. We are a place that invites friendly debate and are not affraid of intellectuel conversation as long as the tone and conduct remain respectful and informative. We expect gentlemen to agree to disagee.


4. Cell Phone Usage: Some lounges may have restrictions on cell phone usage, such as keeping phones on silent or not taking calls in certain areas.


5. Guest Policy: The number of guests a member can bring and any associated fees or restrictions should be clearly outlined.


6. Access Hours: The club lounge will have specific operating hours, and access may be limited outside those hours.


7. Children Policy: Some lounges may have age restrictions for children, or specific areas designated for families.


8. Food and Beverage: Lounges often provide complimentary food and beverages, and there may be rules about consumption and handling of these items.


9. Conduct of Meetings: If the lounge allows business meetings, there may be guidelines on appropriate conduct and use of facilities.

Join us at Cigar Lounge 33 and let us be your trusted companions in enhancing your cigar experience.

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